Pedal Kart Event - Information to teams - 7 weeks to go 

No you have not missed anything of significance this week. The Organising Committee is busy with brochure, various event contracts and also the extent of input into the forthcoming Classic Festival (check out the 8 weeks to go entry for background on that). Please remember that we have a deal with Tsunami to make your racing outfits, and Kerry's 9-5 for food. The food menu is still being finalised so might come out next week.

Space is again tight this year so we might not have the bouncey castle, but of course we do welcome down as many spectators as possible. Please keep an eye on your individual emails from me as some outstanding entry fees, logo's and / or race entry info i might need a quick turnaround on.




Pedal Kart Event 2015 - 14th and 15th November - Information to Teams - 8 weeks to go

This is the first of my weekly notes in the lead up to the event.
Keep an eye on our website for updates as well http://roundtablehongkong.org/
44 karts signed up for the 2015 event. This is fantastic but a lot of karts and teams to manage so i appreciate your patience with me. See attached excel summarising Kart Numbers and Entry Info. This will be included in our event brochure but it is also sent so that you have a chance to amend any errors and also so that you can display your kart number clearly on your kart. So far as possible we have sought to keep the same kart numbers as 2014.
Charitable Donations - the accounting requirements of HK are becoming increasingly rigorous. We have appointed Cornerstone again to support our book keeping efforts but it is also essential that the Pedal Kart teams support this also through transparent recording of Charitable Donations. See the 2015 donations forms attached. We need email addresses of donators and we need anyone who makes a direct contribution to our account to provide a deposit receipt.
Get your team shirts through Tsunami. They are doing us a great deal for Race Officials and will make a Charitable Donation so see my email of 31st August and the attached flyer. We expect to use Kerry's 9-5 catering again so please use them for your team.s food and drink requirements. I expect like last year you can pre-order from them. Menus to follow. Again they give a Charitable Donation linked to the amount of business they generate so it all counts.
Managers briefing Tuesday 10thNovember at 6.30pm at the offices of DTZ Cushman and Wakefield, 16F Jardine House, Central. You need to have people available to attend. Also Tuesday 1st Dec will be the awards. Put both in your diary.



We at Round Table / Ladies Circle are supporting the Classic Festival http://www.hkclassiccars.com/en/with a booth featuring Pedal Karts, promotional material on Charities we support and our 2014 pedal video. Get yourselves along and inform your team. We hope to have worked out a discount for Pedal participants. More to follow.
Information required - Please see the second excel attached which is titled '20150920 Marshalling, vehicle registration.xlsx'. Ahead of the Managers briefing i will need each team to commit to 4 named persons to do an hour of marshalling as per the time roster. Can you provide names and contact details for the roster. Vehicle registration - Victoria park require all vehicles to be pre-registered. Only teams with more than one kart may leave a single vehicle inside the track for the duration of the event. All other vehicles must leave Victoria Park by 10.30am Saturday. Registration of Peddlers and other team members. Please provide for insurance purposes.
Chairman of the Organising Committee
Tel - 92203129

PEDAL Information

For all future Pedal Kart information please go to the 'Pedal' section of this website. The link is above next to the 'News' section. Thanks



2015 Pedal Kart dates (13th - 15th November) and additional info

The date for the event will be the weekend of the 13-15th November 2015. nb - we had thought to run on the following weekend however that clashes with the Oxfam Trailwalker hence bringing the event a week forward.
Timings - Entry forms available from Easter 2015 via our website and i will also send out an email. Target date for entry forms submissions will be June 2015 (if first time entrant please take a look at the 2014 event entry form (see earlier posts). It will be mostly unchanged. Our event brochure for 2014 is also avialable).
Karts - We can assist with karts. We have five available to buy / rent from the organisers (first come first served), and a willing company to build new karts to an ever improving design. You can also build your own!
2014 event update - I'm delighted to say the event received over HK$1.2m in charitable donations and entry fees. After off-setting costs of running the event (Round Table run the event on a voluntary basis, but we do incur hard set up costs) the net proceeds to Charity will be over HK$1m. The Association of Round Tables in HK have already allocated c25% of this and additional projects are under review, by Round Table and Ladies Circle. We had a great event video made in 2014. Please see link below.



Chekc out our social media.

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Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PedalKartHongKong

Website - http://roundtablehongkong.org/


Round Tables in Hong Kong - If you are interested in joining Round Table in Hong Kong please get in touch and come along to one of our regular monthly meetings and / or social events. There are both English and local language tables in Hong Kong. Ladies Circle I know are also keen to expand membership and we can make the appropriate connection.

Yours in Table

2014 Pedal Kart Event - HAECO win, over HK$1m raised.

The 2014 Hong Kong 24 Hour Charity Pedal Kart Grand Prix was run in late November in lovely weather and once again was a huge success, enjoyed by participants, spectators and supporters. Soon charities across Hong Kong and the wider region will be benefitting from the in excess of HK$1m raised by the event.

Check out our 2014 promotional video (see link below) and see our abridged Awards Ceremony presentation which includes an interesting comparison between the event in the 1980's and today. For those with sharp eyes you will also see that Jacky Chan was a former participant in the event!



If you are interested in participating or supporting the 2015 event them please make contact.



Awards Presentation 2014