How to enter Pedal 2016 and what you need to know.....

Please email for attachments until a time when we can host these on this site.
Kart options - a) Build your own (we have some drawings, and then there are various studies on the web including a good one from a student at Poly U. We can also put you in contact with a couple of the teams to see what they would share. b) Buy one from HFM (Wolfgang). Wolfgang's onto his second version which costs around HK$50-60k. One of the first version 'One Design' models managed to come 7th this year up from 13th last year (Team BASF). Details are in the 2015 event brochure and this includes some pitcures of his 2014 version and further commentary on this. His second version is seeking to have substantial space for branding, so good for your own branding and that of your sponsors etc c) rent one of Wolfgang's first versions from Round Table.
Entry Forms / Entry requirements - 2015 Entry form acts as a guide to procedures. We try to release in April and then try to get the entry forms in by June (before myself, half of Hong Kong and especially the schools disappear for the summer)! Race generally works well in November and we make a decision on dates typically as soon as we know when Oxfam Trailwalker takes place so as to avoid a clash. Rules and Regs attached.
Charitable Donations - the entry fees broadly cover race set up costs. We otherwise ask teams to raise money from their own staff, suppliers and corporate connections which is for the benefit of The Association of Round Tables in Hong Kong Charitable Foundation (ART HK CF). Throughout the year this money is then allocated by ART HK CF to Charities of our selection. Information on a number of the Charities we support is included in the event brochure as well as on our Facebook page. We are a Registered Charity so can supply audited accounts etc. Increasingly corporate sponsors of the teams ask for these as part of their own internal audit prior to granting a donation. No min donation amount but we'd like to start getting this upwards of HK$30k per kart. Our highest fund raiser typically does in excess of HK$300,000! We have 2015 donation forms that we can show you.
Check out our video prepared by Robin Lee Visuals in 2014.
Various other documents can be made available for your general awareness.
Warm regards
For and on behalf of the Association of Round Tables in Hong Kong Charitable Foundation (ARTHK) organisers of the Annual HK 24 hour Charity Pedal Kart Grand Prix - for Pedal related information - for Round Table / Chartiable Information - Pedal Kart Video 2014

and the WINNER is......

Congratulations to RT7 KBIA on winning the 2015 Pedal Kart race covering 718km / 446 miles in the 24 hours. Second in the Formula One category was HAECO Lightening with Cathay Jumbos 3rd. KGV Staff picked up the first place in Formula Two, with many other teams picking up various category and industry awards.  

Collectively the teams covered 21,858 km / 13,582 miles. According to a Club Med study of British kids the average child has travelled 13,582 miles by its 16th birthday! 

The leading team covered 718km / 446miles. Last years winner covered 426m which as you may recall was the longest recorded distance a Polar Bear had swam. No such tip-bit this year, but it shows the level of competition stepped up a notch!
We will announce total Charitable donations raised hopefully before Christmas.

And we are off....Pedal Kart Event

Set up today (Friday 13th) in Victoria Park and then racing starting tomorrow (Saturday 14th) at 12 noon. 24 hours of racing, so through Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday morning before the final effort to complete as many laps as possible and secure a podium finish or one of the many sub-category awards on offer. 

46 karts from almost 20 teams.

Bring it on!

Come on down and support. Nine to Five providing catering and we have an on stage DJ.



Pedal Kart Event 2015 - Information to Teams 3 weeks to go 

Information to teams:

A) Managers briefing will take place on Tuesday evening (10th) starting 6.30pm (finish by 8.30pm) at DTZ Cushman & Wakefield offices, 16F, Jardine House, Central. We are expecting not less than two representatives per team as per your original entry form (Team Manager and Alternate), but also happy if you bring along a team captain for each pedal kart or other key representatives who you think will benefit from attending. Each kart entered will receive a bag with information and essentials for the race like paperwork, bands, brochures etc. By then you should have provided; a) an excel spreadsheet with your pedalers details, b) information on your marshals for your appointed time slots and c) vehicle licence plate and clarification if that vehicle is a delivery vehicle or is intended to stay during the event (only teams with multiple karts allowed to keep one vehicle for the event duration). Briefing will cover : Welcome / Safety Briefing / Team Introductions and handover of team packs (Team pack contents; Wrist bands for restricted area access, Marshalls responsibilities, Rules and Regs, Contingency plan / Emergency contacts, Event brochures) / Race Information run down (including Scruitineering) / Q&A / New teams meet established teams - informal small group Q&A opportunity / Marshalls Briefing (including penalties) - during evening pls input marshalls names into central spreadsheet / Open Q&A / Close. Each KART entered (not team) will get a max of 30 passes to the restricted area. This will be for pedallers, race crews, support crews and a few to be used by friends and family visiting (transferable but everyone in the restricted area at all times must have a pass visible). So MTR with 4 karts will get 100+ whereas The BASF with one kart will get max 30.

b) Event Posters – these were sent on Friday 23rd (yesterday) to you for display in your places of work. If not received by end of this coming week let me know. PDF of event brochures attached.  

c) Nine to Five Catering are able to provide catering to teams (see attachment) on a pre-order basis. They will also have food and beverage stand set up at the event. Teams are most welcome to use Nine to Five or you are entitled to make your own arrangements, but PLEASE PLEASE consider 9-5 given their support and intention to give Charitable Donation linked to sales.

d) Race Rundown document attached. A condensed version is included here for Spectators and Supporters. Please feel free to share this.

e) Trophies – Please DO NOT bring to Managers briefing. I will advise whether we would like those holding trophies to bring to the Race itself.

f) In email of 20th Sept (at base of this one) I included excels covering; Donations, Race Numbers, Marshalls, Vehicle and Pedaler Registration  - Each team is to provide 4 named marshalls (responsible adults over 18 yrs of age) with mobile numbers for the corresponding time slot as detailed on the attached. These marshalls will compliment Race Officials. Marshalls will be asked to make themselves known to Race Officials 10 mins prior to allotted time for a briefing and will be issued with flag, whistle and high vis vest. Please come with information on your marshalls to the Managers briefing where we will ask you to complete a master copy of the document. Information is not required in advance of the Managers Briefing. Vehicle and Pedaler registration. Details on the excel on the format sought for information on pedaler registration (for insurance purposes) and then secondly on vehicle registration. May I ask that these are completed prior to the managers briefing. Pls send by excel so easy to collate.

g) We have two facebook pages as detailed on our posters and typically at the base of my emails. Please ‘like’ our pages. Please where possible ‘link’ your company to our facebook pages and please ask all your teams members and supporters to ‘like’ us a well. It’s a simple but effective way of spreading the message about our event.

All from me.


Tel - 9220 3129.


Pedal Kart Event - Information to teams - 7 weeks to go 

No you have not missed anything of significance this week. The Organising Committee is busy with brochure, various event contracts and also the extent of input into the forthcoming Classic Festival (check out the 8 weeks to go entry for background on that). Please remember that we have a deal with Tsunami to make your racing outfits, and Kerry's 9-5 for food. The food menu is still being finalised so might come out next week.

Space is again tight this year so we might not have the bouncey castle, but of course we do welcome down as many spectators as possible. Please keep an eye on your individual emails from me as some outstanding entry fees, logo's and / or race entry info i might need a quick turnaround on.